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How to Make a UNICORN Cake I Recipe and Instruction

Hello my dears,

Unicorns are currently the absolute trend, no matter if cake, chocolate, latte macchiato, etc., the sweet things follow us everywhere.

A while ago, I already baked a unicorn cake and now feel like picking up the trend again. I thought about it for a long time, because there are so many unicorn creations and so I came up with the idea of ​​baking a unicorn horn. Said and done. I swung myself into my kitchen and started working on it. I baked a lot of sponge cake. 6 pieces in total: 3x 18cm, 2x 16cm and 1x 14cm.

Since I assume that most people have only one pie-shaped of any size, I write now how they can bake this sensible. The easiest way to do this is to have an 18, a 16, and a 14.
From the sponge cake recipe * HERE * beat the 1.5-fold amount and give them into a mold (of course, the dough can not be dyed if necessary). The same is then repeated again and prepare for the 3rd baking the simple recipe and bake in a 18er and a 14er form.

I have the pie with a serving of Italian meringue buttercream – recipe * HERE *. Previously, I soaked the company with Leuterzucker. This is a sugar syrup that consists of two equal parts, whereby the cake does not dry out and stays nicely juicy. For this, the sugar is mixed with the water, boiled briefly, allowed to cool and finished is the leuterzucker.

I have the pie with a solid white ganache, the recipe you find * HERE *

For the decoration I needed 1,8kg white fondant. I have divided these into 300g pieces so that I get 6 pieces and colored in light purple, light blue, light green, light yellow, light orange and light pink.

Have fun baking!
Your Nicole

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