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Great Changeable Sponge Cake I Wunderkuchen Recipe

Hello my love,
Today I’ll post a very simple recipe for a cake. This recipe is very variable, can be used for all sorts of cakes and is a great cake base for theme cakes. Since 200ml of liquid has to be added here, the „Wunderkuchen“ is very variable in taste – you can give free rein to your imagination and use liquids according to your taste, whether milk, seltzer, orange juice, Fanta or even alcoholic drinks – here is yours Taste no limit. Personally, I usually decide on the filling of the cake. If I have something fruity in the cake, I like to use Fanta, orange or lemon juice. In the chocolate variant, I like milk or buttermilk, but even seltzer would be absolutely feasible here. Liqueurs can round off the taste as needed. Just try it, just try it, whether with or without alcohol.

The recipe is enough for a 26cm springform with 1 to 2 cuts. In the above linked video I baked in a 24cm baking frame and my wonder cake was 6 cm high. If you want to bake in other sizes, use this conversion table.

Ingredients :

4 eggs (M)
200g custor sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract (1 tbsp vanilla sugar)
1 pinch of salt
200ml oil
200ml of milk, juice, soda, Baileys, eggnog … (you can take almost anything!) For the chocolate variant, I take milk or buttermilk and stir in 30g baking cocoa)
300g of flour
1 pck of baking soda

An addition of 50g of ground nuts is possible, then reduce the flour to 250g.
With additions of grated coconut, also here can be used up to 50g, these stirs with the flour in the dough.
For the chocolate version, mix 30g baking cocoa with the chosen liquid (eg milk) and add to the dough.

It is important that all ingredients have room temperature. So prepare everything in time!


Oven at 180 ° C.
Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla extract until light-creamy for 8 to 10 minutes until the volume has doubled at least. Then add the oil and the selected liquid and stir. Mix the flour with the baking powder and the salt, add seven and then into the egg mixture and mix as briefly as possible, only until the flour mixture has evenly distributed in the dough. Now put the dough in a springform pan (bottom with baking paper, sides nothing – no butter either – so that the dough can „crawl“) and bake for about 45 minutes. Then make a stick sample and if no dough gets stuck on the stick, the „wonder cake“ is baked through.

Your Nicole

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maxine coleman 8. Juli 2018 at 2:26

Their is no oil mentioned n the recipe


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