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Hello my darlings <3
I always get asked about the recipe for the chocolate ganache, so I thought I will make a blog post about this now so you can find it easier in future.
What is ganache?
Ganache is a chocolate glaze or icing, which can be used to coat and smoothen cakes, which will get covered with fondant.
Can it be used for fondant cakes?
Yes. Cream alone is not suitable, but in combination with the chocolate, it is due to the high fat content in chocolate. This makes it the ideal basis of fondant cakes.
Which chocolae can I use for the ganache?
Theoretically you can use any chocolate, but you have to keep in mind that the mixing ratio changes depending on what kind of chocolate you use. Not suitable to use for coating cakes are lumpy chocolates, i.e. some that contain nuts or raisins. These however can be used for filling the cake.
How is the mixing ratio?
For a firm ganache, which is a suitable basis of fondant cakes, I recommend the following mixing ratios:
Dark chocolate 200g – cream 300g
Milk chocolate 300g – cream 200g
White chocolate 400g – cream 300g
Filled chocolate (e.g. Kinder chocolate or nougat) 400g – 200g

A soft ganache is perfect for filling cakes, but can also be used to fill pralines. For this I recommend the following ratios:
Dark chocolate 300g – cream 200g
Milk chocolate 400g – cream 200g
White chocolate 600g – cream 200g
Filled chocolate (e.g. Kinder chocolate or nougat) 600g – 200g

How do I make ganache?
For that, you first of all cut the chocolate into small pieces and boil the cream in a pan on a hob or in the microwave. As soon as it is boiling, take it off the heat, add it to the cut chocolate placed in a bowl and gently stir so that all chocolate is covered with cream.


Place a lid onto the bowl and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Afterwards, the ganache has to be stirred to a nice and even consistancy. (TIP: It is best to use a spoon or dough scraper for that and NOT a whisk. The reason behind this is that the whisk stirs in air, which is unwanted when covering your cake with it.) It is then supposed to cool down to room temperature; this may take several hours.

The firm ganache can after cooling be used to cover cakes. Soft ganache on the other hand should get stirred using an electric whisk before using it as a filling for the cake.
How long can I keep ganache?
When kept in the fridge, it can be used for up to 5 days. It should have room temperature before using though. The rest can be frozen.
Yours, Nicole

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